MSSQL/RHEL to use existing AD authentication on Docker/WSL server on Windows10 host

I am trying to understand options for passing AD connection information via environment variables to a RHEL container.

Part of the requirements I have is a MSSQL database needs to use AD authentication and the tutorials I have found suggest exporting a keytab file to the container’s file system. That is not viable in my scenario. When trying to add domain users via MSSQL Manager domain users are searchable but an error occurs when trying to add their login. My interpretation is the containers RHEL OS has to join the existing domain to properly pass credentials to MSSQL.

Following these instructions, I have to open to the OS’s root cli and edit the iifcfg-eth0 file to identify the domain controller RHEL to use.

I would like use docker-compose environment variable for this instead. Is that possible?

I had to work an MSSQL container once that did the same, but I didn’t have to configure it. It was part of the Big Data Clusters. You could check those images too. I don’t know if those are still available.

No but I don’t think that would do anything in a container. There is no network manager process to handle those files. A container is mainly an isolation for a process even if there is no config file at all in the container.

Do you mean this tutorial?

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I believe those are the instructions I am looking for.