Multi-node Hadoop cluster with Docker

I am in planning phase of a multi-node Hadoop cluster in a Docker based environment. So it should be based on a lightweight easy to use virtualized system. Current architecture (regarding to documentation) contains 1 master and 3 slave nodes. This host machine uses HDFS filesystem and KVM for virtualization. The whole cloud is managed by Cloudera Manager. There are several Hadoop modules installed on this cluster. There is also a NodeJS data upload service. This time I should make architecture Docker based. I have read several tutorials and have some opinions, but also open questions.

A. What do you think, is this a good base for my project? I have found also an official image, but it is single-node.

B. How will system requirements change if I would
like to make this in a single container? It would be great, because this
architecture should work in different locations, so changes can be
easily transferred between these locations. Synchronization between
these so called clones would be important.

C. Do you have some other ideas, maybe best practices?