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Multicast forward from host to container? for DLNA discovery

(Mimizone) #1

I am trying to run a DLNA Media server in a container on Mac OS X.
I use the Docker for Mac Edge version.

The media server within the container listens on port 1900/UDP on the Multicast IP
udp 0 0*

The host on Mac OS X Sierra sees the Multicast request coming from the DLNA clients.
22:29:56.522628 IP > UDP, length 391

But within inside the container, there is no multicast traffic at all.
The container exposes the port 1900 in UDP.

I’ve tried --net=host like I typically do under linux for the same docker image/media server, but it doesn’t behave the same way on Mac OS X apparently.

Any chance there is a solution for allowing containers to receive multicast traffic on Docker for Mac?

Here’s the actual container image if interested.

(Mimizone) #2

For those interested, I solved my problem by running my own Ubuntu VM instance in virtual box in bridge mode and then my docker container inside with --net=host.

I run High Sierra now, not sure if it changed anything.

(Palebone) #3

Hey, were you using wifi or were you plugged in?