Multiple containers on the same server or use Pay as you grow service for multiple apps?


I have multiple rails applications and I want to host it. For now, I created multiple droplets on digitalocean using docker-machine. One droplet for each app is expensive, I have applications with few visites and I think it’s a good idea to group it on the same server. I think I can do it with nginx.

I wan to know what is the best practice. Should I group all my apps on one big droplet, group small applications on the same droplet and have a separate droplet big ones or use “Pay as you grow” services like amazon.

Some of the apps can have rush periods and be quiet most of the time.

Do you have tips?

Hi GCorbel,

Just to share our experiences On Digital Ocean:

  1. Our Server droplet config: 8 GB Memory / 60 GB Disk / NYC3
  2. We use one container to host one app
  3. We use one container to host one database
  4. We have 2 MeteorJS Apps, 2 KeystoneJS Apps, 1 MongoDB Server, 1 ERP (Odoo) and 1 PostgreSQL server (for Odoo)

Because Link limit allowing for message, I can’t put more url but I will be glad to share it with you if you need.

  1. We use NgInx as Reverse Proxy to manage everything
  2. We monitor our Server activities on Cloudstats

Everything work perfectly and we are very happy with DigitalOcean Support Services.

Hope this information is useful to you

Kosona Chriv