Multiple link with countainers with different public ip


I’ve been using docker for a while now. Im still a newbie, and I find with google tricks to get by. I got 4 public ip address, Witch is running 3 different containers. And 1 for the main computer. I got it running with something I found bridging with ip tables and docker containers.

Now I got 1 more container to add, I would like to link with one of the 3 containers that has an public ip address. I need the ip address pf the 4th container to appear like the ip address of the 1st container. Is it possible? Can anything coming out and in from the 4th container is showing like the 1st container ip address, and masquerade and everything? I dont want to put ip addess for port specific, I just want everything to come in and out like a router. Maybe I need routing or something. Just wondering if its possible.

I really put some thought into it, Now I dont know if this is too much. But I think I should have a container with quagga ripd with the public ip. And have other containers that needs the same ip connecting trough quagga. They must be a way more easier than that?