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Name resolution via hostname does not work (anymore), Docker for Mac, 18.06.0-ce-mac70

(Marcel Stör) #1

Docker for Mac: 18.06.0-ce-mac70, stable
Compose: 1.22.0

I can ping container-to-container by container name and by IP. However, pinging by container hostname does no longer work. Answer is

ping: bad address '84ff73e2b9b9'

Containers are connect via a local bridged network. Running docker network inspect <network-name> correctly lists all containers and their properties.

Strangely, pinging the network alias (instead of hostname) works just fine.

—> I can add the hostname as a network alias but I’d rather fix this than work around it

(Marcel Stör) #2

Resetting Docker to factory settings and pulling the images again fixed this.