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Need advice for new VPS setup

(Lucien PESLIER) #1

Hi everyone,

I am really lost for my VPS setup.
Currently I only need one reverse proxy and two apache (or nginx) container :

  • Pro (With multiple wordpress website / static websites)
  • Perso (With multiple wordpress websites / static websites)

I tried
It worked but the HTTPS was not working and the documentation is little bit too hard for me.
I also saw portainer but I don’t know if it’s a good solution.

Thank you for your help


portainer is an lightweight and amazing managent ui for a single or multiple docker engines in standalone or swarm mode. Though, it is not related to reverse proxying in any way.

You might want to take a look at traefik. It uses labels on the container to declare the configuration, which is picked up by traefik to enable the reverse proxy rules.