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NEED Docker containers to rwx onto VirtualBox shared folders

• I have a USB drive connected to the host (Windows 8.1) computer with 5 folders.
• The guest (Ubuntu Desktop 18.04) has the same 5 folders under /mnt/<dirs>.
• Via VB, I have the shared folders mount-automatically onto each of the 5 folders on the guest. I am able to rwx from the host and guest onto them folders (sudo usermod -aG vboxsf ubuntu)
VB Shared Folder Settings

• I am running Docker containers on my guest. The containers need to rwx onto them shared folders. I am not able to as I am getting permissions denied. My PGID/PUID is set to 1000/1000.
• The shared folders are showing as: drwxrwx— 1 root vboxsf 0 Apr 16 22:04 Temp
• I have tried: sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 Temp /mnt/Temp

  • That mounts the drive when I don’t have it as ‘Auto Mount’ on the settings screen, and it will give me the drwxrwxrwx on the folders, but still the container will not write into that folder. I did notice the container still download the test ubuntu.iso file onto a /proc/ type folder, which only after rebooting and not having the folders mounted, the /mnt/Temp will have the ubuntu-19.04.iso within.

• I have tried: sudo chmod -R 777 * and it maintain drwxrwx—
• I have tried: sudo chown -hR ubuntu:ubuntu * and it maintains root:vboxsf
• I have tried: sudo chown -hR root:ubuntu * and it maintains root:vboxsf
$ ls -ls

Just can’t get the Deluge container, which has the volumes: - /mnt/Downloads:/downloads and I have the settings on Deluge going to Downloads: /downloads which is the same folder. I am sure I have correct settings, as I have the same exact setup on an Ubuntu Desktop native system; I am trying to move it to a VB

How can I make it so the containers can rwx onto the shared folders?

Thanks in advance


I have the same question, were you able to find an answer?

Thanks, Brian

I’m also facing the issue, please help me to resolve this issue.

Same issue. Help appreciated.
Might symbolic/hard link work?
Thank you.

Same issue. Help appreciated.
Might symbolic/hard link work?
Thank you.

I was running into this same issue, and set these values on my container:


0 is root
999 is vboxsf (on my machine, anyways. you can get this from cat /etc/groups )

Once those were set, everything started working properly.