Need for Pods or Colocated Group of Containers

In complex distributed systems, a logical unit might be formed by different docker containers - which need to be colocated into a logical pod. These pods needs to be managed, scaled and distributed like we currently do with the services. Even a special service which allows nested containers within it, all sharing same network and volumes will also suffice.

Docker In Docker was tried for the purpose, but it leaves certain processes running even after the stack is removed (when docker-compose is used within it to defined a group of services)

Request the development team to please provide us with a special service which allows multiple containers to be configured within it - all sharing the services network, volumes, configs and secrets. This service will behave like other services in the stack when it comes to scaling, locating etc. Just that it behaves as a unit pod for it’s component containers.

So you are basically looking forward to use Kubernetes or podman. Though, I am not sure if podman supports replicas.

The Docker Engine does not support bundling oci containers into a single unit.

No, I’m not looking forward to using Kubernetes or podman. I want to continue using Docker Swarm for its simplicity in installation and setup. Currently I’m bringing in VMs and individual swarms within them as a somewhat ugly stopgap arrangement.

A new feature - as in a “Pod Service” will make Docker Swarm complete in all aspects. I hope the development team will take it up.

Funny. Not sure if you have noticed, Docker Swarm is still maintained (bug fixes), but no new features are added.

The open source development has stalled (Github), you can get a commercial version from Mirantis (blog post)