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Need help dockerizing an GUI .exe application on windows server

The application install is an .exe file on the file explorer of a windows 10 server (can also use windows 2016 server). It a GUI application. I installed docker desktop on the windows server. I need help with this guys.

The types of application that are candidates for docker are applications that do not have a UI.

Unlike a VM docker images are very slim having only enough codebase to service a particular use case. You can however create a docker image and use VNC to view a desktop like environment; but you have to go through hoops to configure it. Far easier to have a VM if you need a gui surface.

The strength of docker is to easily create containers of servers and DB back ends. You can even run email servers, or a stack of restful services.

On my laptop I had installed mysql, IIS and PHP. With docker I migrated all of these into an image. I spin it up when I need it and in less than 10 seconds i have a working db backend, an IIS server with PHP interface. I can maintain different versions of mysql, IIS and PHP for different iterations, they are all isolated from each other and run in their own container. When I upgrade my laptop I will not need to install any of these, just the image will work.

Actualy it might sound crazy, but I have seen images that use wine (a windows emulator for linux) to build linux images that runs windows gui applications. Those images typicaly use vnc or xrdp to expose remote desktop.

Of course the application must permit pure commandline installation, as the typical Windows GUI “next-> next-> finish” approach won’t work.