Need help with configure container with isolation ip on lan

hi friends
i would happy for your help:
i have laptop with windows10 and on the windows 10 i have virtualbox with ubuntu virtual machine.
on the ubuntu virtual machine i have docker container software and i have docker compose container that have apache service - you can see it at the picture.
i need to make that the container will be expose to all devices at the lan network - so if i will connect to the apache website from another pc or smartphone on the same lan the service will work for me without making bridge from the guest machine to the host machine.
i need that the ip of the container will be isolate from the ip of the guest and host machines
i searched at google and i saw some tutorials website but actually didnt succes to understand what REALLY i need to do
i know that there are some methods - i will prefer the methods that i add some network line to the .yml file instead of docker (create?) commands
thanx for help !!