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Need solution regarding images


(Siddharth67) #1

Hi guys, I’m new to docker and have an basic issue. I’m trying to build an image which has Cassandra DB and a Nodejs Microservice querying data from the DB.

So far I have acheived to create two images one for DB and other for nodejs service. Now I know that we cannot merge two images to get one image.
So how can I have both DB and nodejs service running in one image? or is there any other way of acheving it?


(Mackenzie Burnett) #2

Hey, so the only way to do what you want to do is to merge both your Cassandra and Nodejs Dockerfiles into one Dockerfile. Hope that helps!

(Siddharth67) #3

Thank you for the solution.
I have not written any Dockerfiles for nodejs and cassandra. I did it by one command at a time seeing an online tutorial.
I searched online for some tips but I’m still confused about creating a docker file which has Ubuntu, Cassandra, Nodejs and Npm.

If possible can you kindly guide me with an sample Docker file for my usecase.
So far I have accomplished this Dockerfile,

Set the base image to Ubuntu

FROM ubuntu
#####File Author / Maintainer
#####Install Node.js and other dependencies
RUN apt-get update &&
apt-get -y install nodejs &&
apt-get -y install nodejs-legacy &&
apt-get -y install npm
#####Provides cached layer for node_modules #Run npm install in a temporary directory and copy to src (for caching node_modules)
ADD package.json /tmp/package.json
RUN cd /tmp && npm install
RUN mkdir -p /src && cp -a /tmp/node_modules /src/
#####Define working directory #Copy the application source from the host directory to src within the container
ADD . /src

Expose port


(Dvohra) #4

Please refer