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Need some help - Linux containers on windows pc step by step

Hi All,

I need a bit of help to get pointed into the right direction. I have watched loads of YouTube videos and been reading a few blogs, but I am still stuck :frowning:

I am trying to install a suite of Linux containers on a windows PC to make a home media server.

I have a windows PC and have installed docker desktop for windows on it. I have also installed a ubuntu container on the Docker instance. The setup guide I am following and trying to do on a step by step basis on my PC is: (

I have a coupe questions relating to the setup and steps. While the guide gives instructions for Linux, I cannot seem to follow those on Windows.

Secondly, do I need to install each of the containers separately and manually via Windows Command Prompt, or do I need to open the Linux container and then install each of them inside a new docker program nested under the Linux Container? This sounds like a multi-layer approach since I understood that Linux dockers can run on Windows. But if so, how do i do the install and setup?

Any tips to help me get going? Thank you in advance!