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Need to setup ELK on docker swarm cluster



Hello Experts,

Need your help to setup ELK in docker swarm cluster environment. Please share steps.
4 node swarm cluster is ready (2 Manager & 2 worker)

(Metin Y.) #2

1, Google for docker elk, check the first hits if their description contains a section for docker-compose or eben better swarm.

2, Follow the instructions of the description

3, Edit the docker-compose.yml according your needs

4, Start your stack

Docker does not use master-slave replication, it uses a consensus. Like most consensus algorithms it needs (n/2)+1 nodes to be alive to work. If either on of your two managers is down you worker nodes won’t be controlled by swarm anymore. I would suggest to make it either 1 manager and 3 worker nodes OR 3 manager nodes and one worker node.


Thanks for response but thats general description. I have 4 node cluster (2 Manager+2 worker node). Please let me know which dockerfiles I need to copy for ELK setup?
my node names are as below
Its all 4 VM machines and hostnames are

(Gary Forghetti) #4

Refer to this article on the Docker Success Website ->

It should get you started.

You will need to login first with your Docker ID and password.