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Network in Docker Possible?

Hello guys, this is my first post, thank you to the all community and here goes my doubt.
->Using Docker Version: 18.09.3

I’m working in simulating a wired network with academics intentions where the student could work with several containers, all of them connected by a wire to the next one,
and after that using host2 like a router or not, okei, that’s only the intention, my doubt, and the main problem that I face is, Can I create a network (mcvlan mainly) whose ip-range would be

I tried in several modes but always I have the problem of
$docker network create -d macvlan --subnet= red_mac
Error response from daemon: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space

If I could solve this problem I think that the rest could be quite of easy, so if some of you have some idea about how could I implement I would love listen your contribution.

PD: Should be useful don’t have IP-range limitation for the student, I thought about fix a range of IP’s for each machine but maybe that could be really confusing.
PD2: The idea is that you can change the ip of your interface, with ifconfig, and the route table to be able to connect to the machine at the other side of the wire.

I hope have be clear in the explanation. Any answer is welcome, thank you and good night/day/morning to everyone!

I’m not sure if this category is the right one, but I wasn’t be able to find one dedicated to networks!!