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Network issue with docker container and localhost

Hello everyone,

I need some help to find what’s wrong and what should I do to fix the issue.

I’m running docker on headless debian server (, with one container which is listening on 8334 port.

99e7dba2d780 machines/filestash “/app/filestash” 33 hours ago Up 11 minutes>8334/tcp filestash

I can connect to the container from my Local computer ( with =>
No issue at all, docker container working great.

But when trying to connect from the server itself (localhost), I can’t…

curl -vv does not answer => timeout

I absolutely need the container to be reachable from localhost, because I want to use my reverse proxy to delivery content, and right now, my host machine can’t talk with the docker container.

I know docker create bridge interface and some iptables rules on purpose, and I think that’s the issue, but I can’t figure it out.

Any idea ?

Thank you very much !