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Networks in Docker, end-to-end connection among two containers

Hey guys, I have been working with docker in a project and Im currectly stuck… My problem is the next.

Imagine two containers in the same network:

$docker run --name host1 --privileged=true --network net1 -itd fedora
$docker run --name host2 --privileged=true --network net1 -itd fedora

Being “net1” a network predefinided by me before,
“Driver”: “macvlan”
“Subnet”: “”,
“Gateway”: “”


Now I would like to change the ip of host1(eth0) to other out of the network, for example, but of course now the hosts can’t
to comunicate because of the networks configurations.

So my doubt is about the drivers there is some possibility to allow connect two host end-to-end or without creating a network?
I tried using macvlan but it’s the same result that with bridge, at least in this problem.

Basically I want to simulate two host connected by ethernet, regards, I hope an answer and thanks a lot to everyone!

PD: I thought about create a big range network, but I need simulate several hosts connected among them, so I would need several big networks and I can’t create overlapping networks.

PD2: Basically I want to simulate as real as possible a wire connection without IP’s limitations, is this possible in docker?