New hard disk – how to find my containers images?

Hi guys,

some weeks ago my hard disk on my mac got broken.
I always used the terminal.

Now, I have got a new hard disk, but with docker ps -a I cannot find any of my containers.
I cannot find any image, neither.

What do I have to understand and to do?

Thank you and best regards

What do you mean by new hard disk? If you have a completely new hard disk and you had to install Mac again, you wouldn’t have any data on that disk. Please, explain what you did exactly.

Thank you for your response and questions.

As a docker-newbie I just organised a host and tried to work with docker (and n8n and baserow) on my terminal.
Now the hard disk is broken and I’d like to get access again to n8n and baserow.

I know, that I have no data on the new disk.
But now I have to ask: Where are containers got placed in general? On hard disks of personal computers or on hosting plattforms?
If they are on my hosting plattform, I need access. How do I do?

If they are “on my old hard disk” I am wondering why I still get emails from a n8n-automation …
How could I stop this or how could I get access?

Unfortunately I also forgot the urls to work in baserow and n8n.
I saved the urls on my hard disk … :see_no_evil:

I hope that helps to understand my problem.

The data is where the Docker daemon is running. Since you mentioned Mac, I thought you were running containers in Docker Desktop which is installed locally and everything is in a virtual machine. If you have any service that runs the Docker daemon remotely that means your containers run remotely and all you have locally is a connection between the Docker client and the remote server. I don’t know n8n, but it doesn’t look like it could manage containers on your local machine unless you published your Docker TCP socket somehow on the internel.

You could get emails from n8n as it doesn’t run on your machine, but that doesn’t mean anything without knowing what the email is.

Finally I found my data.
Fortunately, it has been on my server.

That is good news indeed :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting back.

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