New Partition drive in target windows host


Is it possible to create a new partition with a drive E: in a docker Windows container?

I tried option symbolic link in the registry and volume E in a dockerfile,it generates a drive in a container.But when i run this container in my localhost it doesnot create any E partition drive.

I also tried new partition powershell command to create new drive in the target windows host using dockerfile, but it shows like “msft doesnot have disknumber drive” in building the image itelf.

So what i need is, i dont have any drive other than c in my target windows host,so using dockerfile i need to create a drive by downloading my drive creation image as a base image.

i also referred this How to create disk partition inside a Docker container on Windows server 2016?, but no updates afterwards, is it possible to create a new drive in target windowds host using docker container.

Can anyone suggest me.

Thanks in advance