New to Docker - General Docker Questions

I have been trying to read and learn about Docker and what its uses are and there are a lot of differences on what it can and cannot do.

What I really am trying to find out is the following:

we have a legacy application running on Windows 2003 Server. I want to be able to test this application which is currently on a VM along a current version of the application.

What I am wondering is can Docker allow me to run the same application (different build versions) in different containers?

I have seen a lot of documentation on how Docker is used with nginx and in place of LAMP, MAMP, WAMP installs and it should only be used for Micro-Services. I have seen other articles about using it to support “Monolithic” legacy applications and that only using it for Micro-Services is a misnomer.

I really just need a no nonsense answer that helps me understand if trying to get a proof of concept working with Docker is worth the time or if I should simply go back to the traditional VM upgrade approach.