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New to docker need help editing within

I have installed ubuntu and using dockerstarter to setup docker and portainer to manage docker. I have installed organizr and grafana but I need to edit grafana.ini but for the life of me can’t get a editor to work in the console of the container. I barely no linux and I just started using docker. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

you didn’t provide us with alot of info :slight_smile:

What grafana image are you using? ( link to docker hub )

Sorry, how would I go about finding that out? I would assume that it’s the latest. It was created through DockerStarter.

there must be defined what image you’re using?

I’m all set, someone told me to copy the file out of the container, edit it and copy it back. Thanks for trying to help me!

Hi again

Good you found a solution, just for info, if you ever decide to update/recreate the container, you will need to do it again.