New to docker, need informations


I m actually developping API using NodeJs and I want to use docker to package my different APIs directly inside of container that I will push on the hub, and then pull in my prod environnement.

Here’s how I process:

  • I create a dockerfile based on phusion/base-image (SSH principaly)
  • I use NodeJs and github inside of it
  • I use jenkins to control my unit tests and to connect through SSH to clone / pull the repo modifications.

Okay, actually, I have a problem on the last point. What I need is to put a .sh file directly inside of the image, and push the image on the hub WITH this .sh inside of it.

Why ?

I want to be able to make something like docker pull, and directly docker run to be able to run the image. Then each time jenkins needs to connect, it launches the .sh script to pull or clone the repo (depending on the directory existence)