Newbie: Help needed with installing non-latest code

Newbie: less than 2 hours of experience with Docker

I have been requested to move an Elixir/Phoenix app to Docker. The app uses non-latest versions of Elixir and Phoenix so I have had to diverge from the code online which generally focuses on latest versions. That led me to write this Dockerfile

# FROM bitwalker/alpine-elixir:latest
FROM bitwalker/alpine-elixir:1.3.4
MAINTAINER Paul Schoenfelder <>

# Important!  Update this no-op ENV variable when this Dockerfile
# is updated with the current date. It will force refresh of all
# of the base images and things like `apt-get update` won't be using
# old cached versions when the Dockerfile is built.
ENV REFRESHED_AT=2017-07-26 \
    # Set this so that CTRL+G works properly

# Install NPM
    mkdir -p /opt/app && \
    chmod -R 777 /opt/app && \
    apk update && \
    apk --no-cache --update add \
      git make g++ wget curl inotify-tools \
      nodejs nodejs-current-npm && \
    npm install npm -g --no-progress && \
    update-ca-certificates --fresh && \
    rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*

# Add local node module binaries to PATH
ENV PATH=./node_modules/.bin:$PATH \

# Install Hex+Rebar
RUN mix local.hex --force && \
    mix local.rebar --force

WORKDIR /opt/app

CMD ["/bin/sh"]

<then it goes on to add some elixir depedencies>

I’m ending up with this error and wondering how to get around it. Noting ‘current’ in the title I’m wondering whether using an older version of nodejs, and if so, how to do that?

ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
  nodejs-current-npm (missing):
    required by: world[nodejs-current-npm]
    breaks: musl-dev-1.1.14-r15[musl=1.1.14-r15]

does it work when you do not use the ubuntu bundled nodejs version?

replace node installation with

curl -sL | bash -
apt-get install -y nodejs