Newbie question - Windows interface names in Docker


I’ve just started teaching myself Docker; I have just been learning the different network types. unfortunately, most of the guides i have watched/read have been Linux based.

I have the latest version of Doicker Desktop installed on a Win10 machine; whenver i try to do a “docker netrwork create” and specify the parent interface, I run into a problem - i can’t find the name of the parent interface on Windows to enter. I am connected to the network using Wifi, but if i try to specifi “WiFi” (The name of the interface under Windows), if fails, saying “invalid subinterface”. If i try entering the “real name” of the interface, it also fails.

Can anyone help me?

That’s because (unless you are trying to run Windows containers) networks are inside a virtual machine which was created by Docker Desktop. Every Linux container is running in that virtual machine and you can work only with the networks in the VM. Of course that doesn’t make sense if you want MacVLAN or IPVLan for example. That’s the price of using Docker Desktop and enjoying its features and the Graphical interface. And of course it is required on Windows for Linux containers if you don’t want to create a virtual machine manually.

NIce to here you talk but is there a possible workaround or not or not. Simpel question sir.

I don’t know what to think of your last post. I try not to assume anything wrong, but please, you don’t assume we can magically answer your questions without you sharing what you actually want.

You haven’t reacted to that either. Since you wrote about “parent” interface, I suspected you wanted to use MacVLAN or IPVLan, but that is still a guess until you share commands to see what you want to do.

When you share commands, please,f ollow our formatting guide: How to format your forum posts

If you wanted to use MacVLan or IPVLan, then I answered your “simple question”

Obviously, you can’t use another machine’s (physical host) interface as parent for a MacVLAN network.

I rarely use Windows, so if you run Windows containers you will need to wait for someone who configured any “parent” network on Windows.

I indeed try this on windows but in Powershell or cmd.
My comment was about a long answer without a clear answer(yes or no) so i have to search more or find out that its really not possible.
Sorry if you feel that my english wasn’t proper enough.


No problem. You confirmed that it was just a language issue :slight_smile:

I also apologize, since I thought you asked the original question and my answer was based on that. However, it doesn’t change the fact that we can’t answer a question without sharing details in the question.

There was no “yes or no” question in the original post except "Can anyone help me? I happily provide more explanation in case someone tells me my answer was not clear enough if I also know what part was not clear.

That doesn’t matter and still doesn’t answer whether you are using Windows containers or Linux containers. There is no Linux container on Windows without virtual machines and in a virtual machine you can only use the interfaces of the virtual machine. When Docker Desktop runs Linux containers, you cans till use the docker commands from PowerShell or command line.