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Windows 10 - place container directly on local network?


(Rockoutwithyourclockout) #1

I’ve been trying to place my container direclty on my local network. I’ve tried setting up MACVLAN and by using a docker-machine but I’ve been unable to communicate directly to the container.

Here is what I’ve done…

  1. Created a “macvlan” network named “LOCAL” and gave it the subnet from my local LAN. NOTE: I tied using the name of my local NIC for the parent interface but it always failed. I could only get the below command to be accepted by using “eth0”. Is this correct? What name is Docker expecting here?

docker network create -d macvlan LOCAL --subnet= --gateway= -o parent=eth0

  1. Ran an image, named it “SONARR”, attached it to the newly created “LOCAL” network and gave it an IP from the “LOCAL” subnet.

docker run --name=SONARR --net=LOCAL --ip= linuxserver/sonarr

  1. Adjusted “MobyLinuxVM” virtual switch to use an “external” network that ties direclty to my PC’s NIC.

Once this is complete I’m unable to communicate with the container at I have a packet-capture running and do not see any packets whatsoever coming from

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Does “MACVLAN” work on Windows 10? Should I be using a “docker-machine” instead?

Thanks for any help you can give!

(Dockerforguoc) #2

here are the five network driver types about windows container but no macvlan

i think this will help you

I have a similaer problem, i want to my docker container is able to communicate with other machine in the LAN, so how should i create the network ,do you have any ideas

here is my problem