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Nextcloud missing apps

Hey together,

I’ve installed Nextcloud with docker-compose with an apache reverse proxy. Unfortunately I am missing a specific app from Nextclouds app store.

I wanted to install TOTP (2FA for the nextcloud accounts) which is available when I check the online web store (Two-Factor TOTP Provider - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud). I have no clue why this app is missing as I am matching the requirements for this app.

I am running

  • docker-compose: 1.28.2
  • php: 7.4.14 (>=7.2.0,<7.5.0)
  • nextcloud: 20.0.6 (needed: >=18.0.0,<21.0.0)

I could install other apps and they all seem to be showing in the menu.
Could anybody give me a hint where to look for an error or what could cause this problem?

I’ve checked the apache (reverse proxy) log and the nextcloud log but couldn’t see any errors that I would connect to my issue.

Thanks in advance,

I’m experiencing the same issue. I don’t think it’s docker related but I suppose it’s possible. I ended up working around it by installing the app manually.

Yeah I did the same now with download the archive from the store.

occ app:install twofactor_totp

didn’t work as well.

I have another nextcloud installation which is installed on a managed remote server. I’m quite sure that docker isn’t used there and installation of 2FA is working, so thats why I assumed that it may be related to docker (the managed version is two patch versions lower - 20.0.4).

Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile: