NextPVR video file help on NAS

Hi all. My docker knowledge is less than 1 out of a 100, I’m a copy/paste and hope it works.

Sorry if this line isn’t allowed but I have a terramaster Nas running TOS 5.1 (my 1st actual NAS) I have an app called docker manager.

I have managed to install nextPVR, I have my tuner setup, I have it up and running and have recording working…. Congrats to me…… so far so good. I can see my recordings WITHIN the nextPVR webgui and can play them back, but the folder looks empty. No files at all. Reading up it looks like it’s a user/ permissions issue.

I think that docker is running the app as root, yet the only user on my NAS I’d mine…… let’s say Fred.
In docker manager I can see a tab called “variables” is it possible to add users/ permissions from here?

Hope this all makes sense


Variables are useful only when the image maintainer implemented the feature to read those when the container starts and configure the app accordingly. Usually users are created when the image is built so it’s not likely that it is your problem.

I don’t understand. How can you see your recordings and play them back when the recordings are not saved? Or what is it that you expect in the now empty directory?

Why do you think it is a permission issue? Can you share the error message?

So, NextPvr runs, I’ve got my EPG and channels. I can set a recording. The recording works and I can see the recording in the nextpvr gui and play it back via the gui too. However if I navigate to the recording folder there is no video files on my NAS.

So I want to be able to see the files via smb/plex so I can load the videos on other devices so if F1 is on at 3am, then I can stream it on my phone at 8am when at work.


I ask multiple questions to help you quicker. Please, answer all my questons, so I can do it.

Don’t expect us t guess without any clue.

Also where do you expect the data to be? Inside the container or outside? I have no idea how NextPVR works, but I don’t think that it records everything in memory so the fodler should not be empty, unless you loo at the wrong folder. For example on the host, while the data is inside the container, because you did not mount a folder from the host into the container.

Sorry I wasn’t being rude, I don’t know anything about docker. Literally installed about 3 apps.

I only assume it’s permissions because of other things I’ve read before posting in forums. I did try uploading pictures but wouldn’t upload.

These are from my iPad. As I say I can see the videos in the GUI. The set folder is /Volume 1/Plex/Library/IPTV Recordings but when I navigate to that folder I have no files.

Hope this helps.

I didn’t think that :slight_smile:

Well, you don’t have to know Docker to answer questions :slight_smile: But I understand that we sometimes just forget to answer some of them.

Another tip: Rotate your screenshots and photos to the position where people can see it without rotating their heads.

The problem is that I don’t know your NAS (how its software works) and I don’t know NextPVR either. In Docker Engine you mount a folder into the container so you have a source and a destination. I don’t see that on your screenshots. To use a container you need to know the application, how that works, where it stores data and how the client works, what configuration it needs.

On a regular Docker host I would run

docker exec -it CONTAINERNAME sh

to run a shell in the container and find out where the data is in the container so I know whre I have to mount the folder…

Thanks for all your replies and sorry for the delay. I’m trying to setup this NAS between work and family life.

So I’m assuming it’s not a “issue” with anything in particular, and I have added a few more apps via docker manager…… so I now have installed sabnzb also and plex. Now I havnt done anything with plex as of yet, however I downloaded two random video files with SabNZBd. These video files can also not be seen by anything on my network or in any folder on the NAS. I’m wondering if because the app is technically running inside a container that the files are not visible anywhere else due to this…… I’ll go put another post on terramaster site.

Thanks and I will probably be back soon with more stupid questions :joy: