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NFS sharing in latest beta?


I see from the latest release notes that NFS support is now available in Docker for Mac beta.

We’re running into similar performance problems with shared folders as other people (see here for example) and I’m wondering if switching to NFS instead of OSXFS will help with this, at least temporarily?



In light of the docs being updated with the new release and this still not being addressed, I’d like to bump this. Sorry if there’s a rule against bumping.

Docker folks, any word here? osxfs is too slow to use right now, so if there’s a good way to turn on NFS, that’d be awesome. I checked into changing the filesystem option via pinata, but it won’t accept nfs as an option.

EDIT: Or is it just that NFS is included in the VM and not integrated into anything else?


While I’m disappointed this thread never got addressed, with the new beta 13 I’m seeing significant speed improvements in the application I’m testing with - like an order of magnitude. It’s actually useable now! Thanks docker people for all your hard work :slight_smile:

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Here is how you can use NFS on any Docker host that uses the Alpine (Moby Linux) - Docker for mac , Docker for AWS and I think Docker for Windows as well.