nginx reverse proxy on docker - setup custom ip for each domain

I have nginx proxy reverse on docker. On host server I have service failover ip.

I want set for each domain on nginx custom ip, beacouse at the moment all domain using main ip my server.

How I can do that?

This is a dns topic, not a docker topic.

hmm, why?
I must setup in docker outgoing ip, yes? How I can do it?

Your first post indicated that you wanted to set domains for ip addresses and it wasn’t very clear what your actual goal was. Please, try to be as specific as you can. If it is easier for you to show an example code and describe what you expect from that code, you can do that too.

Based on your last post I guess you want something like macvlan

I have never actually used macvlan in production since running services in docker containers just helps to isolate those processes, but I wouldn’t have different ip address for my processes if I just ran them simply on the host.