No communication between workers and manager


I have been testing some docker scenarios but unfortunately encountering some problems.

Trouble 1: There are three servers on the cloud, their info is as follows:

ip’s of manager:

ip’s of worker:

ip’s of another worker:

They have been connected by the docker swarm.

One service is running on the manager. The containers of this service are deployed on workers, the port is 80.

When ip’s and ports of one of the workers have been entered into a browser, the website has been worked as expected.

Whereas, when ip’s and ports of the manager server have entered into the browser, it has not worked as expected.

Another issue is the communication between workers is not working as expected.

But when the manager and workers have been placed on a local server, the communication between workers has taken place as expected.

There is something wrong with the cloud server. I cannot overcome this issue for a couple of days and need some help.

Some people on forums say that some ports must be opened. Even if these ports are opened, this communication cannot work successfully.

Trouble 2:

This trouble is as follows: The Linux server has been set as manager, and the Mac M1 and the Windows have been set as a worker.

Then I deployed my services through the stack and downloaded the necessary images built on the Linux system.

When the containers have placed on Mac or Windows, the communication between workers has not successfully communicated via ports.

But when all containers are forced to take place on Linux workers, they have communicated perfectly as expected.

So there is no communication when Windows and Mac M1 are set as workers. I have tacked this trouble for a couple of days and cannot find a proper solution.

thanks for your interest.