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No internet connectivity after installing docker-ce

(Gotam19) #1

Hello all ,
I am new to docker . i started installing docker-ce in two local machines. one with ubuntu-16.04 and other with centos7 . After installing Both hosts lost internet connectivity . After uninstalling docker-ce , internet works . What am i doing wrong ?

docker version : 18.06.1-ce

(Martin Terp) #2

is it as soon as you install docker you lose internet? or is it after you run a container?

Because it could be that a network created in docker, interferes with the network you have on your host.

(Gotam19) #3

It is happening when i run a container .Not immediately. It runs for 2-3 hours , suddenly hosts’s internet connectivity loses . Is there any workaround for this ?

Container have 172.26.0.* ip . i am not specifying any network explicitly while running . its bridge by default.

(Gotam19) #4

i was using DHCP inside LAN. now if i turn it into manual config its fine . wont it work with DHCP mode?
And container also exited with code 255.