No network on amazon 2023 container image

Hi, docker pull’ed amazon:2023 from docker hub and get a bash prompt but nothing, no ifconfig, no networking, not even sudo. How do I get this thing to talk to my network? Tried --network host and --network bridge but it seems the required networking config does not exist in it and there does not seem to be a way to download it when I have no networking.

This is my first time with AWS images so please… be gentle. I know its a container image but what gives with the no networking at all?? How to I fix this or am I pushing the wrong barrow and need to pick something else? I chose this image to create package layer for lambda code as lambda runs on the same image.

At least I through so until some kind soul showed me this…Working with .zip file archives for Python Lambda functions - AWS Lambda but I still want to know how I can load up an Amazon 2023 container image and enable networking… I mean how hard does it have to be? Please some wizard out there, show me the way… or even just what search keywords I need to use to find the way myself.

Why do you think ther eis no network in the container and why do need sudo? Also how did you start the container? There is no image with the name “amazon”. I guess you mean “amazonlinux”. Please, be more precise and take your time to think your question through and share it so volunteers can help you more easily.

Note that a container image is just a template with some files and processes. The network is configured by Docker on the host. Or in case of Docker Desktop, by Docker in the VM. Sudo is not needed. ip command can be installed by installing the “iproute” package

yum install iproute

It is good for debugging, but it is usually not needed so it is often not installed in an image.