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Notification on updated repos

(Sebastian Köhlmeier) #1


is there an ability to get informed if a starred repo / image gets a new build?
On “the old hub” i created guest webhooks on these repos, but it seems this is not available on the new hub version.
Are there any other functions to get a mail if something “i like / starred” gets an update?

Best Regards

(Andy Rothfusz) #2

The guest webhook functionality is something we’re working on – as far as I know, it was not purposely excluded. Its absence is a bug that we’ll work on fixing.

(Sebastian Köhlmeier) #3

any news to this?
how others keep images up to date?
how they get the information?

(Cheetahgear) #4

I am wondering the exact same thing: How can I get a notification when a new image (either from an automated build, or not) is available? I’m running a few containers with the various Ubiquiti controllers, and once in a while, I need to manually browse the repo to see if any update has been made to the images I use. Sometimes I notice that something has been available for months, other times only a few days. I’d rather have an email alert that tells me a new image has been built.


(Sebastian Köhlmeier) #5

@rufus its a long time ago since you have written that there is work on this. any news? any hints how to watch updates? anything?

(Andy Rothfusz) #6

Sorry, I haven’t been at Docker in almost 2 years – hopefully the current support team can help. As far as I can tell, only the repo owners can set webhooks on the repo (I don’t see a place to set them on repos I don’t own).

Maybe you could talk to the owners of the repos you care about and get them to set a webhook back to IFTTT? Then the public could hook into that. Not as nice as if Docker Hub offered it, but doable.


(Rich Zeliff) #7

Bump. This would still be a useful thing.

(Sebastian Köhlmeier) #8

yeah, but there is no reply since years.
docker support is a bad thing…
they don’t answer on bug reports… and here… and on issues on github and and and…
not nice…

(Mcwho) #9

This sounds like a really useful feature! Starred but not sure when updates happen without manually checking.