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Npm install not able to download packages while building docker image

I am using docker on my server which is Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS.
My Docker version 18.03.0-ce, build 0520e24.

Since, my app inside the docker container was not able to listen to port 8443 which I was using for https, I started fiddling with docker and its port mappings. I can’t remember everything that we tried, but the last commands before it got messed was :-

docker run -p container_name bash                   
docker run -p container_name bash

Now, whenever I build my docker image using the command like :-
docker build -t name:tag -f ./Dockerfile-server .
it breaks down at npm install with the following error :-

Step 3/13 : WORKDIR /server  
Removing intermediate container 744d734f9687 
---> ad1cc4b236a4
Step 4/13 : COPY server/package.json /server 
---> 5a9cfde25548 
Step 5/13 : RUN npm install
---> Running in 7c78745fb509
npm ERR! FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED 
npm ERR!     at ClientRequest.req.on.err (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/pacote/node_modules/make-fetch-happen/node_modules/node-fetch-npm/src/index.js:68:14) 

I am not behind any proxy. Any help will be appreciated.

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i have the same issue