Occasionally cloudstor:azure fails to mount volume with error "VolumeDriver.Mount: could not create mount point: mkdir XXXX: file exists."

Expected behavior

container starts and mounts shared volume

Actual behavior

Very rarely trying to start container results in error
labdc02-manager000000:~$ docker run -ti --rm -v labdc02b_logs:/tmp/logs bash
docker: Error response from daemon: error while mounting volume ‘/var/lib/docker/plugins/1895a8ea38d06fbc8a224623b5a08fda239884130b3a77bd4336194bf2fc3617/rootfs’: VolumeDriver.Mount: could not create mount point: mkdir /mnt/cloudstor/labdc02b_logs: file exists.

Reboot of the node fixes the issue

Additional Information

Docker server: 18.03.0-ce
Plugin: cloudstor:18.03.0-ce-azure1

docker volume inspect labdc02b_logs | awk ‘{print " " $0}’
“CreatedAt”: “0001-01-01T00:00:00Z”,
“Driver”: “cloudstor:azure”,
“Labels”: {
“com.docker.stack.namespace”: “labdc02b”
“Mountpoint”: “/mnt/cloudstor/labdc02b_logs”,
“Name”: “labdc02b_logs”,
“Options”: {
“dirmode”: “0750”,
“filemode”: “0640”
“Scope”: “local”