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Official WordPress and Email


(Danielbierstedt) #1

I’m having a hard time understanding how the official wordpress docker image is supposed to work. Almost all installations will depend on email, at least when the first user comes in.

So, my question basically is: what is the best way to make email working with the official wordpress image? I believe, too much tweaking is not the best idea. So, would an additional image containing the email service make sense?

(Sam) #2

i don’t understand… email is just an identifier… which is stored in a database.
the system will send out the email to get the users confirmation like always…

according to the wordpress doc you need to configure the email server to send thru

so you start up the image and login as admin like always and configure the smtp server the container sends user info thru

(Danielbierstedt) #3

The keyword here is “the system”. The point is, WP does not send email itself. It only contains a wrapper that passes the email to the local smtp daemon that passes it along to the relay host.

As far as I know, there is no smtp daemon installed and / or configured. Therefore, whatever WP does, email will not be sent.

(Sam) #4


(Danielbierstedt) #5

Yes, I know that post. So you say its the best solution to install a smtp daemon into the wordpress container?

(Sam) #6

that is one approach… i think the mstp server could be remote from the container too, based on the wordpress config…

I don’t know the technology myself, never having used it, but most apps don’t depend on the mail server being ON the same system (I have never seen one that does)…