Only one of four docker containers start after reboot

The issue was with the autofs mounts. I think there must have been a short delay when bringing up the CIFS shares used by the mount which caused docker to bail. I assumed docker would try to bring up the containers indefinitely but, on boot at least, that is not the case. Anyway, I added the mounts to fstab (with x-systemd.device-timeout=30) like a normal human and the containers auto start on boot as expected.

Newbie here. So I have four containers running various web apps. After reboot only one of them starts up automatically.

All of them have --restart=always configured (verified with docker inspect --format “{{.HostConfig.RestartPolicy.Name}}” which outputs “always” on all of the containers).

I don’t see any errors when I run “journalctl -u docker”.

“docker ps -a” shows the status of these containers as “exited”. I can start them up just fine but I don’t want to have to do this every time the server restarts.

Any clue what could be going on? I’m not sure if it’s relevant but all three of the non-autostarting containers use volumes consisting of autofs mounted cifs shares on the host. I’m wondering if it’s related but I don’t see any indication that this is a problem.

Running 18.06.1-ce.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.