Openvpn and Docker/Containers

Hello Com,

im new to Docker and have some problems / quest.
On my host system Debian 10 i have installed openvpn and create a connection to an vpn. So when the vpn is running i cant install docker. Disabled it install it all fine. So when i activate vpn again i cant create containers.

So now what should i do ? I need for some Containers the vpn, so all that traffic should go though my vpn.

Should i create a container with openvpn and let the other containers go through that openvpn container for example this way ?

or should i use the openvpn on the host and make something like THIS?


My vpn did not have this protocol, so i cant use it.

You should use the docker to create the vpn config then install this configuration with the vpn application or just push it in your configuration