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Oracle 11g R2 Docker Container is Slow


(Pradeepkumarm) #1

On a ubuntu 14.04 machine(configuration: 4core 4gb and 240gb harddisk) i brought up a docker container with oracle 11g R2 version. I was able to start the oracle but it is very slow and my application is timing out before connection. And i cant change the application because it is having 3rd party library, which is used for db connection.

But i noticed one thing, if i bring a container with “–net=host” option then oracle start faster and my application connect to DB and works fine. But why it is so???..and i cant use this option “–net=host” because i want containers to have IPs.

Since oracle connection is taking time my application is not starting. Because of this, i am not able to deploy docker in my team. Kindly help me on this.

Application error message was “Error on Socket reading…” …And also i doubt on socket permission…do i need to give extra socket permission for docker containers??? Please suggest.