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Oracle DB fails with ORA-00600 - did you get it running?

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Dear all,

I’m quite new in Docker environment and facing a “small” issue with Oracle DB.

I know that running Oracle DB is not supported on Docker, but for testing purpose I’m building a kind of DBaaS platform based on Docker.

To do so I found a lot interesting blogs about Oracle on Docker. Based on all these information, I build up a Data-only container for the database volumes and an image with Oracle database installed in it.

To deploy a new DB, I’m running a script that download a backup of a DB in the container and runs a restore of it. Unfortunately the restore fails when RMAN tries to shutdown the database due to an ORA-00600 error.

Basically a startup works but a shutdown immediate fails… It looks like a memory or file handler problem…

This is how I run a new container:

docker run -d -P -e TARGET=DBTEST1 --volumes-from=ol7-data --name=ol7-dbtest1 oraclelinux/rdbms

I read some articles saying that due to shared memory management --ipc=host should be used. I tried to but it didn’t help.

Did any of you face such an issue with Oracle in Docker? How do you get the DB running?

Many thanks for any support