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ORACLE XE Container fails to Create


(Gwinder) #1

Installed Docker for Windows 10. I have set the Allocated Docker memory to 4GB. However when building the Oracle XE container it is saying only 1gb of Swap available and 2GB required. Can anyone help please? I have tried --shm-size=2gb on the build command too.

(Michael Friis) #2

What’s a reproducible set of commands and/or Dockerfile that demonstrates the problem?

(Gwinder) #3

Hi Michael,
I was following the XE instructions at I am new to docker and finally I understood that it was my Base Centos Kernel that needed the extra swap adding. This caused problems with the oracle:slim kernel as the mkswap commands are not there. So I have used a base Centos7 kernel now and have got over this problem. However more issues ahead running related to permissions by the look of it.

Thanks for the reply

(Ryanmcintyre) #4

Same issue here, following those same instructions. It’s my understanding the swap space being used is that of the host running the container. In this case, that would be the MobyLinuxVM. How can we change the swap space in that VM running in Hyper-V?

(Gwinder) #5

I eventually resolved this. Its the Original OracleLinux image that needs
the swap changing. (Why they ship it so small I don’t know)

(Ryanmcintyre) #6

Ah, ok. So I need to start up an oraclelinux container, go in and add more swap space, then save it back with those changes in the image. And running will then use that oraclelinux image with the new swap space. Do I have that right?

(Gwinder) #7

Yes, I believe you do.

(Jnatesan) #8

Could you please share, how you increased the swap space in Oracle linux image?

(Gwinder) #9

Hi, Cannot really remember. I think I just used a different base Centos