Organization/User name already taken by us


We wanted to create an organization for our business (Unreachable Studio), but the account was an user account, not an organization.
We thought we had to delete it and re-create it as an org (we didn’t saw the Convert Account section).
Now when we want to re create an account with the same name (unreachablestudio) or to create an org with this name from one of our personnal account, it says that “An organization with the same name already exists” or that “Username already exists”.

What can we do about this ?
I know that account can’t be re-activated (at least that’s what is written), but could the username “unreachablestudio” just be freed ?
Since usernames doesn’t accept other chars than alphanumerics, we can’t find another name like “unreachable-studio” or “”.

The deactivated account is 100% empty and was never used. It was created no more than 1 hour ago. This would be very fair from you to solve this.

Thanks for your time and help.

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We have a similar situation. Is there a solution to this?