Overelay2 consuming more space

Hello Guys,

I am running a few containers in virtual machine and it has 500G /var. I am not sure why my partition is filling up and what’s diff and merge which consumes more space. can you please help me to how to clear this without affecting the container.

root@r-host:/var/lib/docker/overlay2/58401868986ba87d58967f3e44bceb0e88210e5ac31327d7668c4038d960c1e0# du -sh *

166G diff

4.0K link

4.0K lower

179G merged

8.0K work

Hello Mohsaif,

Can you verify your container size ? docker diff
Did you recently update or upgrade your docker installation ?
Can you use ncdu to figure out which directories are growing ?

Best Regards
Fousseyni B.