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Oversized record received while trying docker pull


(Ghanashyam B Chakravarthi) #1

I get the following error when I try a docker pull hello-world

Error response from daemon: Get proxyconnect tcp: tls: oversized record received with length 20527

This happens when I am behind corporate proxy. How do I go about resolving this? I have followed the proxy setup as mentioned here.

(Kevin Imbrechts) #2

Hi !
Do you have found a solution? I’m facing the same issue :frowning:

(Kevin Imbrechts) #3

I found the solution !

What is your Docker version?

With Docker version 17.09.0-ce, build afdb6d4, it was working for me, but after yum update to get Docker version 18.06.0-ce, build 0ffa825, I had the same problem.

Could you please check your /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/https-proxy.conf ? I think you have configured like this :


But now, try to configure HTTPS_PROXY with http protocol instead of https protocol :


(Ghanashyam B Chakravarthi) #5

That Works. Thanks :slight_smile: