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Permissions/Ownership is not applied on some files when using packagist's composer

(Byronsmith) #1

Trying out the new beta, and on shared volumes when I execute ‘composer’ package manager to import my PHP package dependencies for an app, some of the ‘vendor/’ files and directories appear like this.

-??? ? ? ? ? ? ChoiceFormField.php
-??? ? ? ? ? ? FileFormField.php
-??? ? ? ? ? ? FormField.php
-d??? ? ? ? ? ? Fields

Then of course my app fails as it cannot find any of these files as there are no associated permissions. If I try and set the permissions and ownership I receive the following:

chown: changing ownership of ‘./guzzlehttp/psr7/tests/LazyOpenStreamTest.php’: No such file or directory

If I perform the same actions without -v shared volumes I don’t experience the this issue. Also, if I perform the same actions on a linux docker host instead of osx, again, the issue is not present.

Docker 1.11.1-beta12
OSX EI Capitan 10.11.1

Any ideas?


Problem with mounted volume file system
(Maxdl) #3

Same Issue with a php-fpm image and composer installed on it.

(Php4u) #4

I have exactly same issue

(Byronsmith) #5

Created a simplified example of the problem (linked below). It’s not composer specific, it’s filesystem and shared volume specific.