Pictures in README not displayed in Docker Hub


for some reason the pictures in README are not displayed.

We get a printed text instead:

<img src="******.png " alt="***" height="300" align ="left" />

Although everything was fine a couple of days ago.
And it looks like it affected other docker repositories as well.

Thank you!


We may need more specific examples; a random repo works for me (1.5 hours since you posted):

Also, it may help to know the Markdown source for the images that do not work.

I would like to be in on this to because I am experiencing the exact same thing on all of my repos to.

Links to two of them:

So you are not the only one.

In the rendered html of Docker Hub, there is a good example why the literal html tag is rendered, instead of the image it points to:
<p>"Update: New feature. The docker can now get the gamefiles for you. <img align="right" src="">"</p>
Of course no browser will interpret the<img>-tag inside a string as part of the html page.
The problem is caused by the double quotes after the <p> tag and it’s clossing </p> tag, which make the whole content inbetween a litteral string.

How is the tag represented in your markdown? is it![]( or did you actualy embedd it direcly as <image>-tag?

the code is like this:

# [henkallsn/fivem_esx_bundle][hub] <img align="right" height="250px" src="">

It worked som days ago but has suddenly stopped working. It works fine on github.

Just because markdown is rendered at one place doesn’t necesarily mean it is rendered exactly the same way somewhere else - this pretty much depends on the markdown html renderer they use.

Seems like the renderer changed (version update? different library?) or is used differently. As a short term solution, I would suggest to compare the of Traefik and your own and check which difference results in Treafik’s beeing rendered and your’s is not.

I am not even sure where to officialy raise an issue about the changed behavior of the “markdown to htlm render”. @avbentem do you have an idea?

I know how he do it on Treafik’s but that does not make me able to choose the style code for my img.


How would i align the picture to the right and have a height of 250px?
I used to bed able to do it with my code on docker hub.

That’s a great question and none I am able to answer.

The supported attributes for literal html tags in markdown redendered as html are a hit and miss - it’s a bag full of suprises. But as it used to work, the changed renderer causes an issue for you. That part is clear. Still, the question remains where to officialy raise the issue so it gets the attention it needs.

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Oh just noticed that someone posted an issue on github about some thing like this.


It was fixed, thank you.