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Please Help! Docker Compose


(Karenwebdev) #1

when i run docker-compose up command , i have the following error
**Cant find a suuitable configuration file in this directory or other parent.Are you in right directory ?**
**Supported filenames:docker-compose.yml , docker-compose.yaml**

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

OK. Do you have a file named docker-compose.yml or docker-compose.yaml in your working directory. Otherwise Compose won’t know where to look to get your desired configuration.

(Cropr) #3

I am having the same issue if I am using docker-machine with a local virtualbox. There is a docker-compose.yml in my working directory but docker-compose cannot find it.

I don’t have the issue when I am running docker natively on a linux machine

(Karenwebdev) #4

I found the way to solve an error. Go to directory ,where is located your docker-compose.yml file.
For example, when your docker-compose.yml file is located in desktop, you need to go this location via command line ,