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Policy Routing egress traffic


I am learning to use Docker EE on Windows Server 2019 and need some help understanding some networking concepts.

I currently have a Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V host with VM’s and networking set up as per this diagram. From that diagram, I have some of my VM’s isolated via VLAN’s so that at my router I can apply policy routing so that egress traffic from some VLAN’s are routed via a specific WAN. I’d like to do the same thing with containers; so traffic from some containers should access the internet through a specific WAN.

  1. If I use a NAT network driver, all of the container traffic is masqueraded as coming from the host’s management IP.
  2. If I use a transparent network driver and create a new transparent network for each VLAN then I can isolate each container, but I would need a physical network adapter for each transparent network (not scalable)

Are there ways to identify container traffic on my physical network (at my router) or are there specific Docker ways of handling container egress traffic?