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Windows 2019 Networking Issue

Hello all,

I am new to Docker and trying to play a bit in order to see if it worth converting to containers some VM dedicated apps running in our network.

I have installed docker EE on a Win 2019 VM Server running on our ESXi infrastructure and I cannot make it work in terms of networking.
The whole environment is not running on Hyper-V but default process isolation. (Windows containers).

I am trying to run a simple IIS service container and need to make it visible to host machine and also to other machines in our network.

From my understanding the best match is transparent network.
Network creation: docker network create -d transparent --subnet= --gateway= mynet

The network is created and then I start an IIS container: docker run -it --name web --network mynet

Container can contact host. Host can contact container.
There is no communication between container and any other machine on the same network.

For some reason container cannot ping gateway.
Any ideas what is may be wrong ?

Thank you,