Port required by Docker Desktop 4 Windows


I am using Docker Desktop on Mac usually, but now there is requirement to run Docker Desktop on Windows.

I have an application running on Windows Server 2022, which uses TCP/UDP ports around 50000 and 60000 (e.g. 64397, 64398, 64399 and 54397).

I have installed Docker Desktop for Windows and it seems that I am getting in port conflicts but I cannot find information about ports used by Docker Desktop for Windows.

Can somebody tell me?

Thanks in advance.


Why do you think you have a port conlict caused by Docker Desktop? Can you share the error message? I don’t think Docker Desktop would use any port. It uses sockets and pipes in case of Windows containers. It uses ports when you forward a port to a container.

By the way I never understood why so many users try to install Docker Desktop on a Windows server. I also never tried on a Windows server to see how it is different compared to Windows 11, but it is not officially supported to install Docker Desktop on a Windows Server as Docker Desktop is for development.

If you want Linux containers on a Windos server, you can run a virtual machine and install Docker in the VM or folllow Microsoft’s guide to use Windows containers on Windows including Windows Server

I am thinking that Docker Desktop caused the conflict, because after I had installed Docker Desktop other previously installed applications reported port conflicts after being restarted.

But … I see.

Thanks anyway and sorry for bothering.

No problem. I don’t know about any port that Docker Desktop would use, but you can try running the following powershell command as Administrator:


It will show the used ports and the process id of the owning process in the last column. Then you can find the process name in the task manager, but I am sure there is a power shell command that can do that too.